Cinque Terre, Italy

Manarola is an island in the Cinque Terre, I chose this photo because I like the different coloured buildings. I quite like the contrast between the dull colours of the mountain and the houses in this photo. In this picture I cropped it slightly and adjusted the white balance.

I chose this photo because of the framing of the rock wall against the Mediterranean Sea. On this picture Iadjusted the white balance, and edited the saturation.

I love this photograph. The sea sparkles with the warm sunlight from the west, and the window in the rock wall provides the perfect contrast of light sky and dark shadows. On this photo I adjusted the white balance to make the photo a little bit warmer.  


This is a STJ hallway where my locker is located. I like the pattern of the floor tiles, ceiling tiles, and the lockers combined into one photo. On this picture the white balance has been adjusted to make the photo warmer. 

This is the fence at the baseball field I used to play at. This field has given me many raspberries from sliding into home base.  The exposure has been adjusted to make the photo brighter, as it was quite dark, the white balance has also been adjusted.

Camera Simulator

Shutter Speed Priority

I like the natural patterns in plants and trees, this pinecone in particular is attractive to me because the spiral pattern is fun looking. The light from "golden hour" or sunset makes this one of my favourite photographs.  Only the white balance is adjusted to make the photo warmer. 

This photo has the pinwheel in focus, I used a shutter speed of 1/1000 of a second

This photo has motion blur. I used a shutter speed of 1/100 of a second. 

Aperture Priority

This shot has a shallow depth of feild with the little girl in the foreground. 

This shot has a long depth of field. The background is in focus, however there is motion blur on the pinwheel.



\This is a photo of my father's Ducati. I love the contrast of the yellow coil against the dark parts of the bike. On this picture I adjusted the white balance and made it more saturated. 

This is my retro green bike. I like how the light bounces off the fenders and the bike seat. On this picture i adjusted the white balance made the shadows more pronounced and made the photo more saturated. 

This is my dad's 1977 Vespa. I love the vintage look, especially the headlight at the front. On this picture the white balance has been adjusted to make the photo a little warmer, the exposure has been lowered to darken the shine on the metal caused by the flash of the camera. 

Rainy Days

This was taken on the porch in my backyard, it had just stopped raining and I noticed the beautiful reflection in the puddle. I adjusted the white balance and the vibrance so that the photograph looked like what I felt at the time. Kind of down and dreary.  

This is the fence that divides my neighbour's yard and mine. I love the raindrop that is about to fall from the wood, because it reminds me of how fresh everything looks after a storm. I adjusted the white balance and the saturation so that it reflected the happiness one finds after a dark time. 

This is the sky after a thunderstorm, taken from my mom's apartment. I like the look of the storm clouds and how they appear to be moving. On this photograph I adjusted the white balance. 

Giving Thanks 

In my family, food matters a lot. In believe that in any Italian family food matters a lot. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving but the day off is an excuse to have my crazy, loud family over. There are always conflicts that arise at the gathering, but they somehow all disappear during dinner. This photo features my zia's homemade focaccia and artichokes. 

This is a picture of my father and my nonna This picture makes me laugh because it really shows how much my dad talks with his hands. I am incredibly thankful for both of these family members because they have shaped me into who I am today. We are the only three people in my family that still have Italian citizenships and our EU passports. 

My favourite thing to eat for Thanksgiving is pie, My nonna was really impressed because of the shallow depth of field. Mrs. Owchar really was right when she said people go crazy when you're able to do this. 


These were the shoes I wore to Semiformal. I was able to dance all night long and my feet didn't hurt at the end of the night. On this picture i adjusted the white balance, clarity and highlights.

This is my favourite pair of shoes. I love the way that they feel and look. I wore them to a banquet at the Fogolar Furlan in honour of my town in Italy Morsano Al Talgiamento. On this I adjusted the white balance and the clarity. 

This is the photo that I'm going to turn into an ad. I love they way that the light bounces off the front of the shoe. On this photo I adjusted the white balance, highlights, and contrast.


This is the picture I'll use for my tourism ad. I just adjusted the white balance and contrast on this photo.

This is my neighbour's tree. It is the most bright and colourful in all the neighbourhood. I adjusted the white balance and saturation on this photo

These are "damigiana" which are used to ferment wine Fall is always the season where my family makes wine, because of the climate and moon cycle. If those are not perfect, the wine will turn out poorly. It's an old wive's tale but my dad always waits for the moon to be just right to do anything. On this photo i adjusted the white balance. 

Multi Media Ad

This is a blanket that I really like the texture of, the adjusted white balance, and saturation make the colours look rich. This will end up being the background elements of the ad.

This is my best friend. He will become a crucial part of my ad. The white balance is adjusted in this photo and  i did skin edits as well as applying the teeth whitening effect to lessen some redness in the cheeks.

This is a red light in my bathroom, I really love this picture because it is so different to what I usually do, it looks almost ominous and interesting. Only the white balance has been adjusted. 

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