Shoe Ad

This is my finished shoe ad. I like the simplistic look but at the same time i think it looks professional. This is my very first time using photoshop, and it's a lot of fun. I was inspired by the ads above this one. I think it combines all of my favourite aspects of each ad. 

Tourism Ad

Example tourism ad

This is my finished ad for Windsor Ontario. I feel like I did a pretty good job, especially with the circle photos. I love the placement of the logo and the circular pictures. The wine buckets in the back represent a tradition in my family and I'm proud that I can showcase that in an ad. 

George Clooney



For this edit, i copied his eyes, nose and lips to make everything look symmetrical. I also adjusted his his colour and smoothed his skin. I changed the colour of eyes eyes from brown to green as well.

Multimedia Print Ad

Liquify Tool


Good liquify

Wacky liquify

Shad Michael Brandon Luke



I used the liquify tool to make the muscles appear larger, and used a new layer with 50% grey on a soft light blend mode to paint on the contour. I also highlighted the muscles to make them pop.

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